About the office

The office was established at 2002 by architect Lilach Safran Gorfong. Our office, combine a group of young and dynamic architects & designers. We follow a clean and minimalist planning discipline, in order to provide suitable space for the different situations of life.We committed to provide an eminent aesthetic level of design & detailing and our executions and finishes are exemplary.Our office has an enormous experience with private and public sectors and ensures without any question an aesthetic and high finishing standard. Each project is a new journey, of creation, attitude and alignment. Consistently we search for relationship, between people, between the abstract and realism, public and private, outside and inside, artistic and functionality.

The office located in the architect’s private courtyard outside her home in Ramat-Hasharon. “The idea to place the office in my home, in my backyard,” states Lilach, “is that when customers arrive to meet me they have to enter the office through my home. They are exposed to my private world and in this fashion many barriers are opened. This transparency enables an open conversation between the customer and myself right from the start. This result is the start of an ongoing relationship which leads to a common journey of personal planning”. Lilach explains this occurs time after time with all the clients, in the same place, and opens up fantasies and necessities”.