About the Architect

Lilach Safran Gorfung graduated from Pratt Institute, New York in 1999 with honor. Following a distinguished scholarships  as an outstanding student.
Following her graduation Lilach pursued an internship at Peter Eiseman’s architectural office. She then collaborated with several New York top leading offices.
After returning to Israel, Lilach established her own private office in 2003. Lilach has a strong artistic background, She studied graphic design and fine art, at Coventry University School of arts, England).

“From my point of view, the application of architecture will forever move between the boundaries of artistic and functionality, between dream & reality, urban & private, outside & inside till we reach the significance of a “time less space.”

the office draw inspiration from people, materials, experiences, and life. “For me, each project is a new journey, our Office is permanently in a state of searching for the simple and complex with an intense willingness to rethink & renew our definition of architecture and it’s inhabits.”

We follow a clean and minimalist planning discipline, in order to provide suitable space for the different situations of life. We committed to provide an eminent aesthetic level of design & detailing and our executions and finishes are exemplary.